Few pieces of cricketing gear are more important than cricket batting gloves, which will safeguard your fingers while also improving your grip on and control over the bat when it’s your turn at the stump.

So you will have more accurate and powerful shots at the ball. Equally, in the modern game, with the ball travelling at speeds which get faster every year, it’s vital to protect your fingers.

Most batting gloves these days are made from a combination of rubber, cotton and material. Cloth is used for the inside of the gloves, lightweight rubber on the outside to keep the fingers safe if they come into contact with the ball. Elastic will keep the glove in place on the hand.

When choosing these gloves, make sure that every finger is padded yet flexible, and that there is also extra protection for the thumb of your bottom hand.

Wicketkeeping Gloves

You’ll also need a decent pair of gloves if you are taking a turn as wicketkeeper, since you’ll be constantly receiving throws from fielders, or taking the ball straight from the bowler.

You will probably want to wear some cotton inners inside your outer gloves.

Your main gloves should strike a balance between being a close fit and allowing your fingers to move easily when you need to throw the ball.

These gloves will also offer additional protection around the ends of your fingers, while the webbing between the forefinger and thumb will be a great help when it comes to catching the ball.

Interestingly, recently cricketing authorities have been giving the size of this webbing the thumbs down, in a bid to stop wicketkeeping mitts becoming as big as
baseball gloves.

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