If you are a batsman then you will know that batting is a far from easy task, at any level of cricket. Indeed, the crease can be a lonely and often fearful place when there is an opposition bowler bearing down on you with a very hard ball in his hand. In such circumstances, it is down to you to dig in deep and fend off your opponent’s bouncers, yorkers and googlies and obtain runs which will hopefully put your team in a position where they’ll have a decent chance of achieving victory.

Of course, it is essential to have the right equipment when you go into bat. After all, you don’t want to face five and a half ounces of venomous leather and cork without some decent safety gear. Similarly, you won’t be able to achieve much by swinging away with a poor quality bat.

Quite simply, you will need to have cricket equipment which will keep you safe at the wicket and enable you to play to your full potential. In this respect, you simply cannot do without essentials like:

Cricket bat
You really will struggle to get runs without a decent bat. A good, high-quality bat that feels balanced and comfortable will allow you to fend off quick deliveries and defend your stumps effectively. When weighing up a bat, make sure you choose one that doesn’t feel too heavy. Having a suitably weighted bat will allow you to easily swing through the line of the ball and quickly manoeuvre yourself for defensive shots, hooks and pulls.

Batting pads
Needless to say, a cricket ball is very hard and getting hit on the legs with one hurts – a lot! There are plenty of cricket pads available on the market these days and some are inevitably better than others. The most important thing that you need to consider when buying pads is comfort; after all, you may need to wear them for a few hours at a time in a match. In this respect, they should also be relatively lightweight as you do not want your running to be impeded when you are sprinting between the wickets.

Batting gloves
Your fingers and hands are quite fragile so batting without gloves is not a very wise move. A good pair of cricket glovesneeds to be solid and well-padded as the aforementioned bones require plenty of protection. In addition, batting gloves also need to be relatively snug as this will allow you to forget that you are even wearing them and concentrate fully on your on batting.

Whilst additional items such as a box, helmet, thigh pad and arm guard may not be considered as being quite as essential as the above equipment pieces; they can often prove to be very beneficial indeed. Certainly, you will regret not getting suited with a box if you take a speedy delivery to your middle stump!