Cricket is changing. Whether this is for the best or not is predominantly a matter of opinion, but it is hard to deny that the game is very different to the one we were all watching a decade ago. The totals we are seeing throughout the game seem to be higher than ever and what may have once looked like a fluke or an anomaly is now obviously an increasing trend.

 Whether bowlers are becoming less able (as some have suggested) or whether different balls are improving the ability for those batting to rack up ever-increasing numbers of runs, the difference has been noticed throughout the world, and whilst it may seem easier to rack up big totals in certain parts of the world than others, it still seems that those batting have it easier than ever. Of course, video technology is also helping, allowing those that might once have been called out to be given the benefit of a much keener eye, whilst better awareness of diet, hydration levels and fitness may also be helping.

 However, one of the most important reasons for this change is undeniably the wider and more powerful cricket bats that are common in today’s game. Cricket equipment has developed significantly over the years as computer technology has allowed us to better understand what makes the best bats, whilst also allowing us to make the finished result both tougher and lighter at the very same time.

 For anyone looking to take up cricket, this will mean that choosing the right cricket supplies is going to be more important than ever. The huge totals being reached by teams across the world shows just how much difference modern bats can make to a cricketer, and in turn those that choose poor supplies will be left at a significant disadvantage, with the disparity between the best and worst bats being far greater than ever before.