Cricket techniques can be notoriously hard to master and you might sometimes get frustrated when you’re out at the crease and things go wrong.

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Hints and tips

It can also help to look out for hints and tips provided by the experts. Taking sound advice on board is a great way to bring on your game. With this in mind, you might be interested in pointer provided recently by Ian Canaway. Writing on, he noted that when it comes to batting, it’s crucial to have a good grip to enable you to play the full range of shots with total control and precision.

He added: “If you’re not holding your bat correctly, you’re always going to struggle to score runs!”

Getting technical

On a more technical note, he stated: “The easiest way to hold a bat correctly is to lie your bat face down on the ground and pick it up with both hands as though it were a small axe and you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

“However, there is a definite recognised and ‘correct’ bat grip which is taught by the English Cricket Board. After picking up the bat ensure you have your fingers and thumb wrapped around the centre of the handle with your hands close together. The shape should form a ‘V’ in line between the splice and the edge.

“This means that when you are holding the bat a ‘V’ as such is formed between where the inside of the thumb and forefinger hold the bat with each hand. The two ‘V’s on each hand should line up almost centrally between the splice/handle and the leading edge.”

Not recommended

Mr Canaway went on to suggest that while some players rest their forefingers down the side of the bat/handle and not closed around the grip, this isn’t recommended as it can lead to injuries, including broken fingers.

More guidance

He also noted that it’s important to have a nice relaxed stance with your feet parallel  and set around a foot length apart. In addition, it’s good practice to ensure your weight is evenly distributed across both feet and to keep your knees flexed.

Mr Canaway added: “The stance is a side-on position in relation to the bowler and should always be relaxed.” Also, head position is crucial and you should keep your eyes level as having a slightly tilted head may reduce your reaction times.

He concluded by remarking: “Ensuring you have a correct cricket batting grip and stance is essential to your success as a cricket batsman as all successful shots start with an effective grip, stance, backswing and step.”

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