Wicket keeping is a discipline unto itself in cricket, but one of its most important aspects is safety. Being directly behind the batsman can put you in the centre of the game, but you are also often in the direct path of a cricket ball which can emerge from nowhere. This is why it is important to invest in cricket gloves, pads and maybe even a helmet. As a member of the fielding side, you are the only one allowed to wear such items, although the helmet is often a choice that is down to you. Naturally, wicket keeping depends on reactions but it also depends on knowledge of the game – knowing how close to the wicket will be important not just for your game but also for your safety. Fast bowlers will require you to stand further back from the stumps for obvious reasons, but for slower and spin bowlers standing closer might be advantageous. The more you work with the bowlers in question, the more you will come to understand their style and perhaps move closer to the wickets as you improve, even with the faster bowlers.

One of the most obvious aspects of wicket keeping are the gloves. These can be a very expensive item in themselves, but at 3D Sports we keep the prices down by shaving off the RRP. Our Kookaburra Black Wicket Keeping Gloves look the part and are available for less than the recommended retail price. They are made with premium calf leather for a robust and durable feel while the web strap is Law 40.2 compliant and comes with reinforcement so you can depend on it for the whole game. Sizes range from boys to youth, and normal and large mens.

Cricket pads are also very important because they will protect your shin bones in particular from the sudden impact of the ball. This is very important since the ball can easily cause damage to the legs, so it is important to consider whether cheap cricket pads will do the job sufficiently enough for you. We stock pads by Kookaburra, Adidas, Gray Nicolls, Gunn & Moore, Readers and Puma which are available at varying prices. Which you choose will be entirely down to you, but you can pick them up for as little as £13.95 for Junior Level quality. These can be great for those youths who are learning and are discovering the game. Naturally they can be used when batting as well.

Another aspect you will consider as a wicketkeeper is a box. These can be very important for protecting the more sensitive areas of your body from the impact of a cricket ball. Helmets can also provide vital protection for the face and be given to batsmen if you do not always feel the need to wear it. We have an extensive selection starting from just £23 for a Readers Vitara Black Helmet which is available in junior and senior editions. Whatever your needs, 3D Sports is here to offer you advice.