One of the great things about cricket is the fact that people of all ages and abilities can take part in it. From highly-charged professional matches to knockabouts in local parks, games of all standards and intensities take place.

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Showing that reaching a certain age doesn’t necessarily mean people need to hang up their cricket pads, one man is still out on the crease at the age of 79. Cecil Wright is showing his skills as a bowler despite nearly reaching his eight decade of life, the Daily Mail reports.

The enthusiast, who has taken a total of 7,000 wickets in his 65-year career, refuses to give up his love for the game because of his age. In a recent match for his local league side, he managed to take an impressive six wickets.

Back in time

In the 1950s, Wright moved to Oldham in Greater Manchester from his native Jamaica, a country he represented at international level. In his heyday, the fast bowler played alongside the likes of West Indies cricket legends Sir Viv Richards, Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Gary Sobers and Joel Garner.

He arrived in the UK in 1959 after signing as the Crompton professional in the Central Lancashire League and, after playing three summers in Lancashire, he decided to stay in the country. During one period, he took 538 wickets in five seasons, averaging one every 27 balls in the days of the eight-ball over.

No sign of stopping

Despite being old enough to be a grandfather to many of his opponents, Wright shows no signs of stopping. He said: “I’ve been playing since I was a young boy and I was a professional for over 50 years so I don’t want to finish yet.

“I’ve been lucky with injuries and I have always kept fit so I will keep playing. Some of the lads I play against might not expect much from an opponent who is approaching 80 but I’m still good enough to get anyone out, even if my fast bowl is a bit of a medium bowl nowadays.”

The secret of his continuing success?

When asked about the secret of his long-running success, he said his love of Lancashire foods, including hotpots, pies and peas, along with his favourite fruit and vegetables from the West Indies, such as yams, green bananas and sweet potatoes, plays a part.

He’s also taken up crown green bowls and keeps fit by playing cricket with his two young grandchildren.

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