As the days start to shorten and the cricket season draws to a close for another year, you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that this is perhaps not the best season to think about cricket kit for your club or school.

But, in fact, autumn is the time when lines for the new season are often added, generally with pre-Christmas availability firmly in mind, to avoid festive disappointment.

You can also use the time when your side is not playing to do an inventory of your team’s cricket kit, replace worn items, and to do all the repairs, cleaning and maintenance of your equipment that you don’t have time to do when the season is in full swing, before storing for the winter.

Caring for Your Cricket Bat

Cricket bats, for example, do need a little looking after to stay in top condition. If you store a cricket bat wrongly, the wood can split, and your prized bat can break. During the winter months, find a cool, dry place for storage. A small area which easily traps heat or damp is not ideal.

A garden shed or a garage can make a good storage spot, but keep your kit away from direct contact with the floor if it is not sealed.

Bats need to be protected from excess dryness as well as damp. Don’t store for weeks or months on end near a source of heat. Keep somewhere where there will be natural moisture from the air. If you live somewhere very dry, one trick is to keep a jar of water nearby so that the air stays moist.

Don’t try to wash the bat with water before storing – just brush off any loose dirt. If mud is clinging to the wood stubbornly, use a cloth which is only vey slightly damp.

(Many cricketers won’t clean off red marks caused by hitting the ball, though, viewing these as badges of honour, to be kept and treasured.)

Before storing, and periodically, check bats for signs of wear and tear, and major cracks. While minor cracks can be treated by sanding down and covering with fibreglass tape, a serious fissure is generally a sign that you need to buy and knock in a brand new bat.

Regularly applying linseed oil on a soft cloth will also help care for this vital piece of kit, but take care not to over-oil. After oiling, lay your bat down flat rather than standing it up.

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