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Flicx pitches offer unrivalled playing surface, turning any surface in to a high quality cricket playing surface!



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2G Flicx Match Pitch

The 2G Flicx Match Pitch is the the most versatlle cricket mat on the market. Designed to be rolled down in seconds to convert any area into a cricket ground. Uses include:

• Match Pitch on any surface - Grass, Astro, Sports Halls & Others

• 'Unzips' along the middle to form two batting ends - usable for Net Practice & Indoor Nets



 2G Eagle Eye Match Pitch

Designed to imitate the 'Hawk eye' referral system, the 2G Eagle Eye Pitch has different colour tiles to denote short, good length & full length bowling. As well as a strip to help straight bowling
• Fantastic, Fun Training Aid
• Unzips to 2 Batting ends for nets
• Helps training for both bowlers and batsmen





Flicx Safety Trolley

Transport your 2G Flicx Pitch with ease with a Flicx Safety Trolley. On wheels this is an essential product for the moving and storage of your new Flicx Pitch.

• Can be used safely and easily by one or two people and is sturdy but lightweight.

• Strong wide wheels which reduces damage to the outfield especially in wet conditions.

• Compatible with all sizes and designs in the 2G Flicx Pitch range