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2G Flicx Eagle-Eye Match Pitch

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2G Flicx Eagle-Eye Match Pitch

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The 2G Flicx Eagle Eye Match Pitch converts existing fields into cricket pitches at affordable prices. These tiled plastic mats provide consistant bounce allowing batters to play shots with confidence. The coloured areas imitate the Hawkeye referral system providing a fantastic coaching aid

  • The 2G Flicx Eagle Eye pitch is a coaching pitch with colour coded zones which illustrate full, good and short length areas.
  • Multipurpose use allows for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Excellent bounce when used on an indoor 'sprung floor'
  • Lightweight and portable  when used with the Flicx safety trolley it is possible to create cricket practise areas within minutes
  • Upgraded surface offers realistic pace and bounce even in low bouncing indoor halls, can be used with hard & soft cricket balls as well as synthetic bowling machine balls
  • Easy to roll up, store standing upright
  • All 2G Flicx pitches supplied with pitch straps and safety gloves
  • No need for complicated installation - just cut the grass and roll it down

2G Flicx Extra Length Match Pitch - 22.12m x 1.8m
2G Flicx Match Pitch - 20.12m x 1.8m
2G Flicx Colt Match Pitch - 18.12m x 1.8m
2G Flicx Junior Match Pitch - 16.12m x 1.8m
2G Flicx Practice Batting End - 10m x 1.8m


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